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An accessory brand from Taiwan (R.O.C)
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Dadiogaosai means accidentally stepping in dog
poop in Taiwanese local language.
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The Chinese Knot

The Chinese knot is the ancient art of rope. It uses only one rope to craft the shapes of blessings and happiness.




The leather we use is Vegetable-tanned-leather.
vegetable tanning is the most environmentally-friendly method of leather production.  It's worth reiterating that only natural and organic substances are used during the production process.

The Brand

Yi Shan Wu

Dadiogaosai means in literal terms ‘stepping in shit’. The Chinese interpretation however refers to ‘good luck’ - a sort of Tongue-in-Cheek version of winning something. Derogatory when translated but as a brand name it stands for having fun without pretence.




A common conceit of science-fiction films is the maniacal doctor who attempts to fuse human flesh with robotic metal, often inadvertently creating consciousness in a previously lifeless machine. The person’s original memory is preserved, but a new, unique spirit and personality is brought forth.

In the 2019 work of Tian Xiang, Chinese knots that typically incorporate silk, cotton or linen are instead made with patent leather cords. Commencing from a traditional method, but conferring onto the knots an atypical function akin to a corset or leather bag, the products take on new form and character.

The 2021 collection also proceeds in this vein, extrapolating this guiding mentality into different materials and vessels; as if old matter is reborn with new form, developing a new character, becoming a complete individual. Unchanged but changed; this is the concept from which unsurrealism begins.

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