Privacy & Cookies Policies

Privacy Policies

1.0 Introduction 

d a d i o g a o s a i ® is committed to respecting your privacy and complying with applicable laws and regulations to ensure that the personal information you give us is kept appropriately secure and processed fairly and lawfully. d a d i o g a o s a i ® is a Taiwan designer label founded recent year with  application of VAT in progress.(referred to in this Policy as “we, “us” and “our”).

Your personal information will be held and managed by d a d i o g a o s a i ®. By visiting and using d a d i o g a o s a i ®’s website or mobile site ( (the “SITE“) or any d a d i o g a o s a i ® application (“APPLICATION“) that we make available from time to time or by visiting a  d a d i o g a o s a i ® store for the purchase or sampling of products or for interacting with our content and/or services or by contacting our Customer Services Team, you acknowledge that you have read this Privacy Policy. You must be at least 13 years’ old to use the Site and Applications (14 years’ old if you are a customer in mainland China). If you are under 13 (or 14, if you are a customer in mainland China) or a minor in your country or state or region of residence, please ask your parent or legal guardian to provide their information for you.

This Privacy Policy covers all personal information about you that we collect, use and otherwise process in connection with your relationship with d a d i o g a o s a i ® as a customer or potential customer. d a d i o g a o s a i ® will collect and use your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy and as permitted by applicable laws, including in circumstances where: (i) it is necessary to provide or fulfil a service requested by or for you; (ii) you have given us your express consent; or (iii) it is necessary for one or more of the following legitimate interests pursued by d a d i o g a o s a i ®:

  • To analyse, profile and monitor customer patterns and better understand the interests and preferences of our key customer audiences so we can consistently improve our products and services.
  • To offer an enhanced customer experience and service, including by ensuring we personalise the Site and Application and (if applicable) d a d i o g a o s a i ® updates relating to products, services and events to make them more relevant to our customers’ specific preferences.
  • To ensure the proper functioning and security of our services, Site and Application, for example by identifying and preventing fraudulent transactions.
  • To analyse the footfall in d a d i o g a o s a i ® stores and at d a d i o g a o s a i ® promotions or events for internal reporting purposes and to ensure adequate and appropriate product and resources.
  • To ensure we continue to comply with applicable laws, for example in maintaining the accuracy of our records.

2.0 Why do we collect and how we handle Personal Informations.

When you register for an account with us (whether online or in-store), place an order, interact with our digital content on your computer or mobile device, visit a d a d i o g a o s a i ® store (or concession), request an in-store service or send us an enquiry, we will collect certain information from you. We will indicate whether this collection involves personal information and, if it does, whether providing your personal information is voluntary or mandatory for the service. Please be aware that where collection is mandatory, we may not be able to provide the relevant products or services to you if you do not provide that information to us.  Please select from the different sections of this Privacy Policy to learn more about what personal information we collect and how we use it.

We may collect the following information:

CONTACT INFORMATION AND OTHER IDENTIFYING INFORMATION: your name, postal address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You acknowledge that we may also obtain information about you as a result of authentication or identity checks (for example in connection with our standard fraud checks when you make a purchase on our Site or Application). We use this information to identify you as a customer, to process your order, to deliver products and services, to process payments, to update our records and to generally manage your account with us under our terms with you.  Providing us with certain personal information is voluntary but we may not be able to process your order and/or send you the required order acknowledgement and shipping confirmation communications if you do not provide us with certain requested information.

We may also use your contact information to send you marketing communications and to contact you in relation to service-related matters, including, on occasion, to request and respond to feedback on your experience with d a d i o g a o s a i ®, including in-store, on our Site and/or Application, and to assist you in relation to prospective purchases on our Site and/or Application, where permitted to do so in accordance with applicable laws or if we have your consent to do so (if required by applicable laws).

PAYMENT INFORMATION: information related to your credit card, debit card, and/or other payment information to process payments in connection with your orders.

DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: we may ask you for your gender, birthday and age (and where you have an in-store customer account we may infer your age bracket based on your engagement with our stores). You may also provide us with information about yourself, your product size preferences and lifestyle interests on our Site or Application or when using interactive content in d a d i o g a o s a i ® store or events. We use your customer account and profile information for our internal demographic insights into our customers, to offer you an enhanced service according to your preferences, including by identifying relevant products, services and events which may be of interest to you, and personalising your experience with d a d i o g a o s a i ®.

OTHER ACCOUNT AND TRANSACTIONAL INFORMATION: if you have a customer account (whether created online or in-store), we may also collect information about the products you browse online or purchase, where you purchased the products from and other information related to your purchases or which is otherwise relevant to your customer relationship with d a d i o g a o s a i ®. We use this information, for our internal demographic insights into our customers, to offer you an enhanced service according to your preferences, including by identifying relevant products, services and events which may be of interest to you, personalising your experience with d a d i o g a o s a i ® and to share with you information about your past purchases.

Together with non-personal information, we may also use this information for our internal marketing analysis and demographic studies, to analyse, profile and monitor customer patterns so we can consistently improve our products and. This means that we can offer more personalised and integrated shopping and interactive experiences to our customers across our stores, our Site and Applications.

INTERNET AND OTHER ELECTRONIC ACTIVITY: Where permitted under applicable laws or with your consent (if so required by applicable laws), we may use information about how you use our Site, Application and any in-store services to personalise our communications to you, tailor the content appearing on our Site and Application and to personalise our in-store service to you, so as to make the Site, our Application and our services and communications more relevant to you and to enable your use of any interactive features of our services. We also use this information to maintain and improve the Site, our Application, and our services.

We collect information about the device you are using to connect to the services on our Site, Application or any interactive content we may provide. This includes the type of device you use, your internet browser, your location based on the unique identifier for your device such as an Internet Protocol address or a code for an Application running on your device. When you attend a d a d i o g a o s a i ® store or event, we may also use technologies that connect to the functionality on your mobile device (such as Bluetooth and GPS) and collect information based on Wi-Fi, mobile phone masts, beacons and other in-store technology. See further information regarding Wi-Fi usage below.

We use this information to ensure the proper functioning and security of our Site and Application, to optimise our services to you and to better understand how our content and services are used and their effectiveness. The information collected in-store through your mobile device using these technologies also gives us aggregated and anonymous statistics about footfall traffic in our stores and information about the average gender, size, height, ethnicity and country/region of origin of our visitors but it is not used for, or available to, d a d i o g a o s a i ® at an individual visitor level.

LOCATION INFORMATION: Where you request location services provided by us, for example in order to find the nearest store to you or to provide more precise location based content, we will either: (i) do a look up against address information given by you, such as using your postcode to find our nearest store; (ii) look at the country/region in which you are in according to the unique identifier (e.g. an IP address) for your device; or (iii) if you enable location services on your mobile device, we may establish your real time location relating to the latitude and longitude of your mobile device, through GPS signals, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection information including MAC addresses perceived by your device, where this is available. In the case of mobile device location services, you can change your location preferences at any time by managing your device settings.

WI-FI USAGE INFORMATION: If you register for our free Wi-Fi service at our stores or events, we will collect certain information about your device, including MAC or IP address, connection date and time and the location(s) at which you connected to our Wi-Fi Service, for the purpose of providing the Wi-Fi service under our terms with you. When you connect to our Wi-Fi service you will be directed to our Site and we may collect and process information using “cookies” and other similar technologies. For more details please see “Location information” and “Cookies”.

INFERENCES: We may create inferences drawn from the categories of personal information described above in order to create a profile about you to reflect your preferences, characteristics, behaviour and attitudes. We use this information to personalise and improve our services and to better understand the interests and preferences of our key customer audiences.


We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The amended Privacy Policy will be posted on the Site or Application. Please check this page regularly for changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make any material changes to this Privacy Policy we will notify you before they take effect either through the Site or Application or by sending you a notification.  Any such material changes will only apply to personal information collected after the revised Privacy Policy took effect.

You can contact us if you have any questions about the way in which your personal information is being collected or used which are not answered by this Privacy Policy. Please contact us at . Alternatively, you can contact us on whatsapp by the number +886 987 329 349.



  • Cookies are small pieces of information which are issued to your computer when you visit a website and which store and sometimes track information about your use of the site. We use cookies to elevate your user experience and the quality of our site and service. When you enter our site our web server sends a cookie to your computer which allows us to recognise your computer. By associating the identification numbers in the cookies with other customer information when for example you log-in to the site, then we know that the cookie information relates to you.

    Local storage is technology which allows a website or an app to store and retrieve data on your mobile phone or other device. We use local storage to enable certain features, including to store certain parts of our site on your device so that those pages load more quickly when you next visit them. You can control the use of local storage using your browser settings.

    By proceeding beyond this page you consent to our cookie and local storage settings and agree that you understand this Cookies Policy which explains how you can manage your cookie and local storage choices and preferences. Please be aware that restricting cookies and/or local storage will impact on your user experience and may prevent you from using part of our website.

  • Why do we use cookies?

    • Allow you to use essential features of our site such as storing your product selections to your shopping bag whilst you continue to shop and/or navigate to different pages of the site and accessing secure areas of the site. If you choose not to accept these cookies, you will be unable to use our site for shopping, only for browsing.
    • Collect information about how you use our site, so that we can improve the quality of our site and service. This information is used by us to:
    • Provide statistics on how our site is used;
    • See how effective our adverts are by identifying where you click and which website you arrived from;
    • Provide feedback to our selected third party partners that one of our visitors also visited their website (including details of any products you bought); and
    • Help us improve the site by measuring any errors which occur during your browsing experience.
    • Provide you with improved site functionality by allowing access to additional services such as our ‘click to chat’ service or to remember you if you have visited us before and which preferences you have applied so that we can enhance your future visits to our site. We can also restore what is in your shopping bag if you wish to return on a subsequent browsing session. These cookies may share information with partners to provide services on our site. The information shared is only to be used to provide the service, product or function and not for any other purpose.
    • Offer you a customised browsing experience by providing you with interest based services both on this site and on some other websites too. Some of these customised browsing experiences may be linked to services provided by third parties which provide these services for recognising that you have visited our site. This information is used to inform you of d a d i o g a o s a i ® products and services which may be of interest to you. These cookies may also link to social networks such as Facebook or provide advertising agencies with information on your visit so that they can present you with adverts for d a d i o g a o s a i ® products and services which may be of interest to you.
    • Managing your cookie preferences

      Some of the cookies used by our site are served by us, and some are served by third parties who are delivering services on our behalf.

      We have made it very easy for you to understand what cookies we store, and why and provided you with control over which cookies and/or local storage you choose to allow.

      Manage Cookies Used on d a d i o g a o s a i ®.com

      In addition, you can click here to find further information about cookies and how to manage all cookies by changing your web browser settings.

      Manage all Cookies

      Please note however, that by blocking or deleting cookies and/or local storage used on our site you may not be able to take full advantage of our site if you do so.

      Our Privacy Policy can provide you with further details about how we use any personal information you give us, although not all information captured by using cookies will identify you.

      We are continually striving to develop improved ways of managing your cookie preferences. As new technologies and solutions emerge, this cookies policy may be updated to reflect any such advances in technology and preference management tools.


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