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An accessory brand from Taiwan (R.O.C)
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Dadiogaosai means accidentally stepping in dog
poop in Taiwanese local language.


A visionary design brand centred around Chinese traditional culture.
We not only inherited the old soul but also challenged the image of Chinese culture.
Dadiogaosai came into being with the objective of establishing a label that both informed about the erotic possibilities of chinese knot and restriction as well as bridging a high fashion aesthetic and subversive fantasy.
The name of "Dadiogaosai" means accidentally stepping in dog poop in Taiwanese local language. This incident also means having good luck by transforming negative misfortune into blessed fortune as stepping into gold.  The development of Dadiogaosai is based on sophisticated craftsmanship and modern design, yet the mission is to destroy and reintroduce the norm and value of traditional culture.

Chinese knot

The Chinese knot is the ancient art of rope. It uses only one rope to craft the shapes of blessings and happiness.
In 2019, Dadiogaosai's first collection, we combines chinese knot and japanese Shibari (しばり) to create a new image of this precious technique.
In 2021, Dadiogaosai is trying to transform both the shape and the knot into metal material as to inherit the modern body and the old soul.